From Kyoto
to the World

Founded in 1767, the Shiraito Brewery’s sake brewing business began as a way to revitalize the village.
More than 250 years have passed since its establishment.


Kyoto is an ideal environment for sake production and is a historical region where sake has been produced for hundreds of years.
Kyoto sake is also unique in its taste and aroma. The water in Kyoto is soft and extremely pure, and the quality and climate are considered ideal for sake brewing.


Our authentic quality has long been appreciated by the Japanese people.


Shiraito Sake Brewery aims to create a brand of sake from Kyoto’s traditional breweries that is accessible and enjoyable to people around the world.


Anime is one of Japan’s most popular cultures.
People around the world love the stories and characters that provide excitement, inspiration, courage, and comfort.


With the stories and characters of anime,
Experience a different kind of sake on special occasions and with your loved ones.


The cartoon collaboration labels were very unique and different and made for a special time with family and friends. The authentic taste and high quality satisfied and delighted even the adults.

Katerina Folkman
‌Lifestyle and transformation coach

I know that there are many different types of sake, but sometimes I couldn't try them because I didn't know how to choose the right one. The Anime Collaboration label was a new way to experience sake, as I could visualize the taste and experience.

Loren Guria

The trust that has been cultivated in Japan is genuine. The delicate taste and high quality will be appreciated globally. Unique labels make sake more accessible to consumers, which is part of its appeal.

Suchita Munda
Food analyst